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I have been clairaudient since the age of twelve (which means that I hear Spirit). In later life I have also become clairscentient (I sense Spirit). These are gifts that I have grown up with. I was originally told at the age of fifteen that I would eventually work through Spirit as a Medium, and this has been repeated to me several times as I have progressed through life.


I am a certified Doreen Virtue angel card reader, and a Mike Dooley, certified trainer in the Infinite Possibilities programme.


My work specialises in reconnecting your life path and your souls’ journey.


Intuitive counseling is a holistic spiritual (non religious) approach, connecting people to their higher self. It has been proven to be successful in understanding and helping my clients to recognise their own destinies, the important relationships in their lives, together with the lessons that they learn and ultimately understanding and feeling comfortable with whom they are in order to reach their full potential.


I channel auragraphs, psychic readings, and visualisations. I often combine holistic life coaching when required. Sometimes people need to re-align themselves and “get off the hamster wheel” for a while to work out what really is important and makes them happy.


I absolutely believe in The Laws of Attraction, Universal Energy and the power of manifestation and have found that they can really make a huge difference to our lives once fully understood.


I am so very proud to be a certified trainer of the Infinite Possibilities course, which has been created by Mike Dooley. This work blends with my life coaching courses perfectly which allows you to reach your highest potential and your optimum levels of happiness enabling you to live the life you deserve to lead. It instills confidence and is ideal for those of you who are searching for something more, whether it be to change career, find that perfect job, or simply realign yourself with your souls’ journey and life path and rediscover your true potential. So often we lose touch with who we really are, due to a relationship break up, redundancy, or empty nest syndrome.


This is an an amazing course that is truly life changing, so do contact me to learn more.


Individual sessions of life coaching can be booked at my home in Spain as intensive one week courses which have proved to be very effective. Please email me if you would like more details on this.


There is also an interactive Facebook page,which you can link to on the home page. I hope that you “like” it and you are inspired by the daily posts.


Over the past twenty years I have had the privilege to have trained with some exceptional teachers including Doreen Virtue, Mike Dooley, Gordon Smith, Tony Stockwell, Mavis Pitilla and Val Williams at The College of Psychic Studies, The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, and the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted. They have instilled in me the most appropriate way to work with Spirit,with compassion, honesty and integrity. My Spiritual understanding has been a continual process, but one that I have, and continue to thoroughly enjoy. My life coaching tutoring and understanding of Universal energy combined with the laws of attraction have completely transformed my life.


In May 2016, I opened a retreat here in Spain. It is a beautiful safe environment where you can come and develop your Spiritual gift, take time out to get your life back on track, or just relax. We have held several bereavement retreats here that have had wonderful results.


Stunning views, beautiful clear skies, spa bath and luxury accommodation are all included. To find out more, please go to my other website www.aspaceintimeretreat.com


I really look forward to working with you and sharing my knowledge with you.


Walk in gentleness.