Auragraphs – The perfect, unique present for someone special.


An auragraph is a stunning way of receiving a psychic reading. Originally pioneered by Harold Sharpe, every painting/decoupage picture is unique and inspired by the psychic vibration of your name and date of birth. It tells the story of your life, past, present and future aspects, together with your own talents whether they be psychic, spiritual or other.

I use my psychic ability to tune into the aura surrounding the person for whom it is for. I then produce the auragraph using paints, beads, and decoupage which can take several hours to complete. The colours, numerology and symbols that I see are all analysed after completion, which are representations of the physical and spiritual life.


I never know what I am going to draw until I begin to focus on the person. Each one is different in content and style. Your auragraph comes with a full typed psychic report which I feel is relevant to you as the individual, whilst on your life’s journey. Each auragraph is hand painted in water colour and coloured inks with silver and gold. It is decorated with beads and decoupage, and is presented on a canvas, ready for framing. It is a unique bespoke piece of psychic art, specific to the person it was created for. They usually take at least two weeks to complete, and have to be scheduled in to my diary, so please order in plenty of time.

Aurapsychic aura graphs, the perfect unique gift

AURAGRAPHS For international customers

(£150.00 + £15.00 P&P)