A leap of faith- or how it all began…


For those of us on a Spiritual path, sometimes things happen to us that are simply life changing. We are open to spirit, (or are more sensitive if you like) and therefore perhaps take more notice, or are more aware? Books like The Celestine Prophecy reiterate that when you get the same message twice, from different sources. you should take note. Nothing is a coincidence.


Eleven years ago, my life changed unequivocally.


I have been clairaudient since the age of twelve, and had been told at the age of fifteen that I would eventually work as a medium. However, my life took a more conventional route and after a wild teenage period, a two and a half year period in Australia, (telling my mother on the Monday – getting married on the Wednesday at the tender age of eighteen) I returned to London to resume my career in retail management and eventually recruitment.


I became successful, a Managing Director, bought the company etc. My Spiritual path was always with me, but in the background. I attended courses, classes, and retreats and was comfortable giving readings to friends. In 2005, things started happening in the house; music came on in the middle of the night, the phone would ring and no one was there (not registering on 1471) articles were flying off the shelves. I asked my tutor at the College of Psychic Studies in London what it all meant? He told me “Spirit is telling you to get on with your Spiritual work”.


In June the same year I attended a week’s course at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Essex. During that week there were sixty of us from all around the world divided into three groups. In my group, there were just ten of us from Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the UK.


We split up in the mornings for tutoring, but often got together for tutorials with the whole group. We witnessed the most amazing phenomena. So many different things happened. On one particular day there was a group healing done by our tutor in trance. We all watched mesmerized. When we regrouped in the afternoon, I thanked our tutor and said that it was an incredible thing for us to feel and a privilege to watch. He was very nonplussed about the whole thing and more or less said that it was just what he did. Then he said he felt his Guide coming through and he wanted to talk to our small group of ten. The Guide then spoke to us for half an hour through the medium. He told us that we had been chosen to work for Spirit and that if we dedicated more of our lives to working in this way, that no matter what, they would provide for us. It was an incredible experience, there we were, this random group of international spiritual travellers, all at different levels on unique spiritual journeys that all lead to the same destination! At the end of the week we reluctantly left this amazing place with memories that would have a lasting effect on us.


My late husband met me and started talking about things that had been going on in my business and I told him that I didn’t want to hear about them. I needed time to gather my thoughts and to assess everything that had happened during the previous week. The following day, I sat and talked with him. (He is a non-believer) I told him that I had decided to give up my very lucrative job and work for Spirit full time. I promised him I would be self funding. I went to work on the Monday morning and started to put my plan in motion. It took me six months to extricate myself from the company. My business partner was less than happy – my husband in shock. So in January 2006, we moved to a different part of the UK, (A spiritual oasis) where I knew no one and started to think about working as a medium, giving readings full time. In the back of my head there was the Kevin Costner film “Field of Dreams” with the strap line “Build it and they will come”. And you know what? They did. I came into contact with like minded people who were generous with their time and contacts. Everything seemed to just fall into place, but I knew that Spirit were making it happen and keeping their side of the bargain.


I now have a full time International business that continues to grow. I earn less than 10% of what I used to earn, but I have never been happier. When I look in my diary and the appointments are lean for the following week. I sit down and ask Spirit, and the Universe to provide. They never fail me. I do not advertise much and rely on recommendations. I may not be rich in the conventional way any more, but I am spiritually wealthy beyond all measure.