Individual Meditation Sessions, via Skype or in Person.


Take the time to meditate. As human beings, we work on a different brain frequency to Spirit and therefore when we raise our vibration and Spirit lower theirs, only then can the energies blend. When our mind is clear from day to day issues, they find it easier to work with through us so take time to sit quietly and listen to your breath. Listen to your heart and make sure that your thoughts, hopes and aspirations resonate to the same rhythm. Sometimes our daily lives include an unhealthy level of stress.

Do you find some places; situations or people can drain your energy?

Does your mind go channel hopping between past and future, what-ifs and maybes?

Have you noticed how rarely you feel at peace with the here and now?

Do you wish your mind had an ‘off’ switch – especially late at night?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then my meditation classes and workshops will help you regain balance and calm.

In each you will:


• Experience an empowering blend of healing and meditation

• Learn ways to stop the chatter of your mind

• Find out how to preserve your energy to feel more grounded and centred every day

• Enjoy laughter and stillness with like-minded people


Many people find it hard to know where to start. My guided visualisations are easy to follow and will promote calm and allow you to de stress. In addition coming on line very soon will be a choice of six new guided visualisations in a MP3 download format.

Alternatively, you can book your own guided visualisation via Skype, or in person.


Choose from:


• Live the life you deserve to lead (Holistic Life Coaching)

• Meeting your Spirit Guide (Spiritual)

• The beach meditation (De-stress)

• Healing and unblocking meditation (Health and wellbeing)


Or let me create a bespoke visualisation especially for you, pertinent to your current situation and needs.


Each individual meditation session lasts for thirty minutes at a cost of £45.00, payable in advance by Paypal.

45 minutes MEDITATION ONE TO ONE  £45


Aura Psychic Meditation voucher

Group Meditation and Visualisation Classes.


Meditation is a technique for working with the mind. If you think of the mind as a tool then the first step in putting it to use should be to Meditation is not trying to solve the problems but to relax around them, to change the attitude to them. The course will teach you as a group, and individually, different techniques that you can use in your everyday life. The course is aimed at men and women who feel the need to unwind and get the balance back into their busy lives. Whilst this is a holistic approach touching mind, body and Spirit, it is not a religious course in any way.


It covers a combination of guided and self induced meditations; exploring what suits your individual needs best. There will also be a discussion after the meditation to allow you the opportunity of sharing the results with the group.


In addition you will be given written examples of meditations to practise at home. I would ask you to be able to commit to the six weeks. This is important as you are making a contract with yourself to take time out of your busy schedules for yourself. Meditation can help you deal with: illness in yourself and others, anger management, sleeping more restfully, self esteem and inner contentment.


Regular classes are held throughout the year, here in Spain and afternoon sessions for small groups are also available. Please contact me to find out when the next group is starting.